Saturday, May 28, 2016

Day 3-May 27, 2016

We slept in a bit this morning.....our bodies are confused, that's for sure! However, we are feeling good once we are up and running. On our way to watching the changing of the guard we walked through the Royal Mews where they store the beautiful carriages inwhich royalty ride. They are all so ornate and magnificent. Since we are in London, we felt like we needed to experience the changing of the guard, so we decided to attend that was full of a lot of pomp, foot stomping, marching, saluting, back and forth flag waving, bands playing, etc. and lasted and hour! They do this every day!
-walked through the beautiful St. James Park
-toured the Tower of London and Tower Bridge
-Darrel wanted to try fish and chips in London, so we scouted out a place that served that for dinner tonight
-figured out the bus lines so we enjoyed riding them around when we needed a break from walking
-walked around an area of London called Piccadilly Circus which is full of activity, shows, restaurants, shops, etc., a sort of London version of New York's Time Square minus the tall buildings and replaced with beautiful architecture and ornate buildings and statues.
-rode the bus home

Our time is London is quickly coming to an end. It is a wonderful city and we have enjoyed every minute of it. Tomorrow we hope to venture out of the city and go to Windsor Castle where Her Majesty the Queen lives. I'm sure she will be expecting us for tea, so I best be going!

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