Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hiking Basque Country - Part Two

After the exhausting morning of hiking to see the flysch, and the scramble to catch the train, believe it or not, after lunch, Jason dropped us off in Zarautz and we hiked from that town to the neighboring town of Getaria, about a 3 to 4 mile walk. It was entirely along the coast, which was beautiful, and was completely flat, so that was helpful in convincing Darrel and Tiffany to make the trek. It was a beautiful I could easily do on a regular basis and hope to do again before we leave Spain. While in the quaint little town of Getaria, we ate our first authentic Basque Country pintxo and topped it off with an ice cream cone. Replenishing all the calories we burned! 👍  We took the bus back to Zarautz where we experienced the house church that Jason and his family attend with friends. It was a good time of worship, Bible study, and fellowship.
Sunday, June 5th, we hiked the Orio mountain by the beach with Emily and the kids. I felt like I was walking on El Camino!! Monday morning we hiked from Orio to Zarautz, which took us to the beach in Zarautz. (about an hour hike) We enjoyed that hike so much that we did it again on Tuesday morning. This day, however, when we arrived at the beach, Tiffany took her shoes off and walked along the shoreline while I sat down for a brief rest (waiting for Darrel to catch up) and to enjoy the breathtaking view. However, part of that view included a new perspective on beach protocol......nakedness......that was a very unexpected "first" experience that was certainly NOT by choice. I have seen cute little kids running around in their birthday suits, but a grown man is a bit shocking! He had no inhibitions taking off his clothes and strolling in all his glory toward the rolling waves, feeling the exhilarating breeze and sun on every part of his body. He must have been in his 60's or 70's by the number of rolls of wrinkles along his waistline, although I couldn't tell for sure since THANKFULLY I only got a rear view. I only know he had a TERRIBLE tan line going on!
The best souvenir you come home with is a new perspective!

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